About Us/About Cooking

We take pride preparing for our customers the very best Southern Cuisine made from scratch. And to us, made from scratch means starting with the freshest ingredients available.

My very first memory of cooking began when I was nine years old when I prepared a fish dinner for my aunt and uncle. Cooking to me is an expression of love and relationships. I watched my mother prepare Sunday dinner, forming cornbread with such love and care, she patted the pieces into precise shapes and the lengths were all the same, she carefully put them into the hot oil and gently turned them as they browned around the edges. Southern cuisine is just as much a part of me as breathing; I knew that was something I wanted to do. The memory warms my heart. Cooking is my gift from God and the legacy I inherited from all of the wonderful women in my family, (my mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Aunts and Cousins), a legacy I passed to my daughter. There is something special about teaching your child the common bond that you and your mother shared. Food brings people together, it create memories that are lasting. The thing people remember most about a great cook is that one dish that you prepared better than anyone else. I have a passion for taking the freshest ingredients and turning them into a delectable masterpiece that pleases the palate. Love people, cook them tasty food.

our advantages

Delectable. Delicious.

We make everything from scratch, starting with the most basic ingredients. Because we believe food is to be prepared, not processed, we do it the old fashion way: we COOK IT with LOVE!

Impeccable Service. Impeccable Event!

We provide unparalleled service. From helping you select a menu sure to please, to providing a friendly and attentive wait staff, The Serving Spoon Staff will work hard to make your event a pleasant experience.

No worries! We sweat all the details.

The Serving Spoon offers a complete catering service which means we do more than just make and serve the food. We set up and decorate the serving station area and set the tables to create an overall presentation deserving of your event.

Incredible Value. Incredible Experience!

We offer our services at an incredible value. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable delectable food, impeccable service, and great planning IS!

Our Chef

Joyce Jenkins

Living the dream of making and serving incredibly good food.


We provide bartending services if requested.

Presentation Perfection

We set up the serving areas to capture the appropriate ambiance.

Floral Arrangments

A floral table arrangment can mark the joy of the occassion.